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You would like to buy fibers from recycled textiles or want to have fibers made from your own textiles

By means of mechanical fiberization, both natural and synthetic fibers find their way as raw materials for, among other things,
non-wovens in which products for, for example, the car, drainage and insulation industry are developed.

In addition to the standard compositions, Frankenhuis has the option of creating fiber compositions specific to the client.
Length, properties, colour, desired application and processing method are possible criteria that may be important.

Examples of various fibers include:

Frankenhuis Jeans Fiber
              Jeans Fibers

Frankenhuis cotton fiber
              Cotton Fibers

Frankenhuis Acrylic fibers
              Acrylic Fibers

Frankenhuis Polyester fiber
            Polyester Fibers

contract work

On the basis of contract work, it is also possible to fiberize your own delivered textile material.
At your request, Frankenhuis will arrange further processing, into non-woven or product, at partner organizations.