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Frankenhuis History then Frankenhuis History now


At a time when the cotton industry was gaining a foothold in Twente, close to the German border, Salomon Frankenhuis laid the foundation for the company. Ten years later, in 1884, his son Heiman joined the rapidly expanding company. At that time the company S. Frankenhuis & Zoon BV was created.



A new company was established in England: S. Frankenhuis & Son. During the same period, a trading office was established in Paris: Holfra. Heiman Frankenhuis' son, Salomon Frankenhuis, started the business. Through his commitment and acumen, the company expanded its territory around the world.



Salomon was succeeded by his son-in-law, John Bos, who had already worked for the company for 20 years. With his leadership came a period of reinvestment. This led to a large-scale expansion of the production and storage facilities in Haaksbergen. With a view into the 21st century, John Bos brought his son Peter into the business. In 1992, after intensive market research, the company Frankenhuis Fleece BV was founded. Frankenhuis Fleece BV focuses on the production of fleeces.



The company is in bankruptcy. At the end of that year, VAR in Wilp-Achterhoek and Frankenhuis in Haaksbergen combined their recycling activities and entered into a joint venture. Both companies focused on recovering raw materials from waste materials and using them to make new products. VARlFrankenhuis arose from this joint venture, located in a new building in Haaksbergen.



Peter Bos said goodbye as shareholder and a year later also as company manager. At that time Frankenhuis fell under the Attero flag as a 100% subsidiary. The latter company ultimately did not see textile processing as a core activity. De Vries and Vanduren saw their opportunity and acquired the majority of the shares on 1 January 2016 with Wadinko as minority shareholder.



Boer Group has acquired a majority stake in Frankenhuis in Haaksbergen. With this strategic acquisition, Boer Group closes the chain in the circular economy for post-consumer textiles. Now that the strategic positioning and employment within Frankenhuis have been secured, private equity firm Wadinko and Hannet de Vries-in 't Veld said goodbye to Frankenhuis and the management of Frankenhuis continued by Tich Vanduren. The integration of Frankenhuis within Boer Group ensures a constant supply of raw materials and thus further growth in the production of mechanically recycled post-consumer textiles can be achieved.